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Master Keying - Specification, Application and Management (Trade Training Manual)
Don OShall, John Truempy and Tony West (Authors)

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Spiral Bound, 144 pages

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Editorial Comments
If you understand and can read or generate standard master key charts, and have a Master Keying client or a Master Keyed Faciliy to manage, this can be a very useful book. Not everyone involved in Master Key Systems needs to create progression charts. This assists you in ordering systems, applying systems and managing them. This is an excellent book for Master Keying Specification Writers at all levels. It is an easy read, despite being a Trade Technical Manual. It is well organized. It is heavily illustrated throughout. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 1 being Not Recommended" and 5 being "Buy NOW!", my opinion puts this at 3.5 stars.

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